In the Long Shadow of Steel & Glass

Once More Into the Breach


Screech sets out once again for the Puyallup Barrens and Hell’s Kitchen. Having made his first delivery, he must go down the same roads again, but this time with a trailer.

Once across the Lone-Star service barrier, Screech is on his own in the worst part of town. Soon, he is surrounded by a group of trucks and motorcycles manned by Hell’s Kitchen denizens hell bent on murder and looting. Screech’s Roadmaster, however, is not to be trifled with, and the heavy machine guns mounted on the Tata off-road trucks do little but scratch the armored transport’s paint job. Navigating the treacherous roads claims a few vehicles, and whatever is left, Screech’s Roadmaster mounted Ares MP-LMG tears to bits under a hail of expensive Ex-Ex automatic fire.

His pursuers break off, cutting their losses. Proud of having driven off the Mad Max crew, Screech realizes with some measure of fright that maybe it wasn’t just him that did it… When a massive toxic worm bursts out of the ground and spits some acid on the Roadmaster, Screech decides to take the gloves off and dispatches the beast with a concentrated steam of lead. Proud of overcoming his foes once again, Screech motors off only to notice three more worms headed his way – and one of them looks like a very pissed off mother-worm.

Beating the worms to his drop off, Screech delivers his goods, gets his van hosed down and sets off once again for Seattle proper. The worms close in, but Screech sends his Roadmaster through the front wall of a MondoMart and creates such a ruckus that the worms are unable to track him well and he slips away into the night.

Now all he needs to do is get paid. (And fix his battered Roadmaster!)


Battered indeed! Acid and bullets didn’t do the trick, but a building knocked it down to half. I’ll have to pick my targets more carefully next time. And I think I need to squeeze those Yak’s for a bit more cred after this one…

Once More Into the Breach

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