In the Long Shadow of Steel & Glass

ShadowSea March, 2069

three jobs for three slabs of fresh meat

March has been a rainy month in the Sprawl. A big job got started, but lost steam, and a few smaller jobs are keeping a few ’runners busy and with enough cred in their pockets to pay rent.

Droid Rage! fizzled out, the team unable to find cohesion, even in the initial stages of legwork. Thanks to an extremely politic intervention by Sterling, the group was able to avoid any serious consequences or negative street rep for failing before even beginning.

Sterling later received word from his contact Torin Lowell that he might need some help with collections. Not sure about who exactly he is collecting from, Sterling agreed to the work as it is likely to prove more interesting than his day job at the law offices of Markum, West, Kirkpatrick, Sidney, Elrond and Piper.

Screech took on some work for an enigmatic Japanese, delivering some human cargo to a warehouse in Tacoma. Following the successful resolution of that job, another job came up to transport goods from a Tacoma container facility to a location in distant Puyallup.

An unlucky Blood Eagles go-ganger by the name of Impulse attended a drug deal on behalf of his gang. Their rivals, the Head Takers, met them in an abandoned warehouse near the Tacoma docks. During the sale, LoneStar SWAT surrounded the building and commenced a take-down. In the ensuing shootout, all present Blood Eagles were killed along with several of the Head Takers. Gridiron, the leader of the Head Takers fled the scene and encountered Impulse. After a brief gunfight that found Gridiron wanting, Impulse was felled by police. Waking up in a squad car, Detective McGarnicle – a LoneStar cop with a notorious reputation for doing the dirt – gives the ganger an offer he can’t refuse: Work for the Man… or else.



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