Jack "Hehx" Mutton

Punk ass Hacker


Body – 5
Agility – 4
Reaction – 5
Strength – 4
Charisma – 2
Intuition – 5
Logic – 4
Willpower – 4
Edge – 3

Active Skills:
Hacking – 5
Cybercombat – 5
Electronics (Group) – 4
Perception – 4
Electronic Warfare – 3
Dodge – 3
Pilot Ground Craft – 2
Pistol – 2
Unarmed Combat – 1

Knowledge Skills:
Matrix Games – 5
Operating Systems – 5
Network Design – 5
Programming Languages – 4
Matrix Security &8211; 4
Safe Houses – 4
Hacking Legends – 3
Mage Bars – 2
BTL Dealers – 1
English – N

Ares Light Fire 70 w/ Silencer

Armor Jacket

Novatech Airwave – 5 Response, 5 Signal, 5 System, 5 Firew
all + Implant

Sim Module Modded for BTL/Hot Sim
AR Gloves – Rating 3
4 Stimulant Slap Patches – Rating 4
8 VR Games
2 Fake SINs Rating 3, 4

Analyze – 5
Armor – 4
Attack – 5
Biofeedback Filters – 4
Black Hammer – 5
Browse – 5
Command – 4
Decrypt – 5
Defuse – 2
Edit – 4
Encrypt – 3
Exploit – 4
Spoof – 5
Sniffer – 4
Stealth – 5
Track – 4

Low Lifestyle

Dodge Scoot (+1 Handling, 10/15 Accel, 60 Spd, 1 Pilot, 4 Body, 2 Armor, 1 Sensor

Jack Mutton (HehX) was born to Frank and Melinda Mutton. They lived outside of Seattle in the sprawl of the big city.

In all 18 years of his life, Jack Mutton only had one with any semblance of family. After that first year of kicking and screaming, his mother disappeared and his father fell head first into his work. The only conversations Jack had with his dad were about computers. Software, hardware, and programming talk were allowed, but not a word about mom. It took him several severe beatings to realize this. He decided searching for his mother alone was his best bet. To make money he stole code from his father, and tried to sell it. When Jack got enough nuyen for a nice deck of his own, he dropped his meat-bag name and became “HehX”. Hehx hacked his way out of his old life by cracking his father’s programs and writing some of his own.

As soon as he was smart enough to survive alone, he set out to find his mother. At 14, when he left, he only knew two things about her; she was an ork and she was awakened. His only keepsake was a red flat stone that he wears around his neck. After some research he found out it was a foci. It was bound to his mother, and would glow if it came near her. Or at least, that was what he gave someone 50 nuyen to find out.

The streets are rough. It is hard not to get swallowed up in them. But HehX turned out to be pretty successful as a hacker. He had 12 runs under his belt in the first 2 years, and he managed to only be “hospitalized” one time. During those formative years, he learned a lot about mages. He learned their hangouts, a little lingo, and even tried assensing to no avail. HehX is no fool. He knows his mom is out there, or at least the data on her death is logged in some database. He will find out what happened to his mother, even if it takes him the rest of his life.

HehX is an 18 year old, average sized ork. He has a goatee and hot sim trodes mixed in with his dreadlocks. He wears a black jacket that almost looks like a short robe that comes down just past his butt. His pants are brown with several pockets on the legs. His Icon is a large wizard with a glowing, bright white robe and matching pointy hat. He does not carry anything, but his hands/feet/face trail black fire as he floats through the matrix.

Jack "Hehx" Mutton

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