Jerry "Butts" Butinski

Adept Detective searching for missing friend.


Body – 3
Agility – 4
Reaction – 6
Strength – 2
Charisma – 4
Intuition – 5
Logic – 3
Willpower – 3
Edge – 2
Magic – 6

Pistols – 5
Clubs – 4
Shadowing – 4
Perception – 4
Con – 3
Pilot Ground Craft – 3
Firearms – 2
Etiquette – 2
Dodge – 2
First Aid – 1

Security Procedures – 5
Security Design – 4
Security Companies -4
Military – 1
Seattle Street Gangs – 3
History – 3
Crook Hangouts – 3
Classy Bars – 1
English – N

Guts, Perceptive, Tough as Nails (1), Will to Live (1)

Lost Loved One, Dependant (2), Enemy, Addiction (Mod. Psyche)

Doc (Doc)- 4 Loyalty/1 Connection
Frank Dreben (Fixer)- 4 Loyalty/2 Connection
Tony Two-Eyes (Snitch)- 1 Loyalty/2 Connection
MaxXx (Trid Pirate)- 1 Loyalty/4 Connection

Enthralling Performance (Con)
Improved Reflexes (1)
Enhanced Perception (4)
Analytics (2)
Cool Resolve (2)
Traceless Walk
Motion Sense

Low Lifestyle (2 Years)
Armor Jacket
(2)Fake Licenses (Rating 3)
(5)Certified Credsticks
Grapple Gun
(3)Fake SIN (Rating 3)
Stealth Rope (100m)
Medkit (Rating 6)
Subvocal Microphone
Pad of Waterproof Paper
Permanent Marker
Novatech Airware (3 Response, 3 Signal)
Iris Orb (3 Firewall, 3 System)
Chrysler-Nissan Patrol-1

  • Smart Tire (Rating 3)
  • Anti-Theft (Rating 4)

    Stun Baton – 6S (Quick-Draw Holster)
    Eichiro Hatamoto II – 7P, -1AP (Hidden Gun Arms Slide)
    Ares Predator IV – 5P, -1AP (Concealable Holster)
    (100)Regular Ammo
    (2)Flash Grenades
    (1)Ink Grenade

  • Bio:

    Jerry “Butts” Butinksi (pronounced Boo-tin-ski) used to be a security guard. His life was pretty peaceful. He had a wife and a kid. They lived in an extremely modest apartment in the large sprawl that was Seattle. His job was at a large warehouse in Bellevue. A fairly charismatic fellow, Butts made his way up the oh so short security totem pole.

    One night, the place was hit by runners. They murdered seven men and captured three, including his best friend Eddy Olmos. Eddy and Butts grew up together. Their kids went to the same school. He broke the news to all the families personally. Most wanted revenge. But Butts was more interested in getting his best friend back than murdering runners. Well, murdering FIVE runners… One would be just fine. Finding “Viroo”, by far the smallest and dumbest of the runners, wasn’t too hard. Butts got as much info out of him as possible and then took his revenge. The warehouse job was for the EVO corp and they were being payed for the captured guards.

    For five years he has been searching for Andrew Clay, Martin King, and his best friend Edward Olmos. Butts is now a full time runner. He takes any job that even smells like EVO in the hopes of finding his friend.

    Jerry "Butts" Butinski

    In the Long Shadow of Steel & Glass SegwayCop