Jibril "Arakan" Aladso

Gentleman Magical Thief


Metatype : Ork

Body: 4
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 4
Edge: 2
Magic: 5
Initiative: 7
Essence: 6

Knowledge Skills

English: N
Or’zet: 3
Arabic: 1
Security Systems: 5
Black Markets (Magical Items): 3
Security Design (Magical): 4
Corp Security Tactics: 2
Mafia (Families): 3
Architecture: 1

Active Skills
Conjuring Group: 1
Athletics Group: 1
Assensing (Ward Auras): 3
Spellcasting (Illusion): 3
Ritual Spellcasting: 1
Counterspelling (Detection Spells) 3
Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts): 2
Escape Artist: 2
Palming: 2
Perception: 3
Infiltration (Urban): 4
Hardware (Maglocks): 3

Positive Qualities
Martial Arts (Aikido)

Negative Qualities
Pacifist 1
Geas (No physical harm with magic)
Big Regret
Vendetta [Yakuza]
Enemy 2 [Yakuza Kanaga-Gumi]

Chameleon Suit

Ford Sedan
Handling: 0 Accel: 15/30 Speed: 110 Pilot: 2
Body: 10 Armour: 6 Sensor: 1

Commlink : Sony Emperor R: 2 Sig: 3
OS : Mangadyne Deva F: 2 Sys: 3
Subvocal Microphone

Tag Eraser
AR Gloves
Sim Module
2x Electronic Paper
Glasses w/ Flare Compensation, Imagelink, Vision Magnification, Thermographic Vision
Autopicker (rating 3)
Lockpick set
Sequencer (rating 3)
Flashlight (low-light)
Rappeling Gloves
300m microwire
300m stealthrope
Catalyst stick
OXSYS Artifcial Gill
10x C-Squared (Rating 4)
Tool Kit (Hardware)
2 Months middle lifestyle
Fake Sin (Rating 2) Charles Bronson
Fake Sin (Rating 4) Yves Christian (Security Consultant)
Sustaining Focus (Rating 2)

Analyze Magic
Improved Invisibility
Physical Camouflage

Jorge (Mafia Fence/Fixer; Brother L:6 C2)
Germain (Talismonger L:3 C:2)

Hermetic Tradition
Concept: The scientific study of magic as a complex pattern of
elemental forces that can be controlled with the right formulae
and rituals.
Combat: Fire
Detection: Air
Health: Man
Illusion: Water
Manipulation: Earth
Drain: Willpower + Logic


Fourth of six children born to Hermes Aladso, a two bit thug for the Ciarniello Mafia family, he grew up around a bad element. He and his two brothers (triplets) just wanted to join in with their fathers business. Miguel, the eldest of the Trio, as the brothers called themselves, was the muscle. Little Jorge was the face, and Jibril was the brains. They pulled off small heists, little B&E’s, or a snatch and grab from the stuffer shack when they wanted some booze or something. Then Jibril’s Talent showed up, and a street mage on the block (Germain) offered to teach him a thing or two, but made him promise on his powers to never hurt anyone with it, as the mage thought it was a bad influence on the soul. [Pacifism and Geas qualities] with the addition of some magic, their little crew was starting to show some promise. Couple of years later, while on a job, a Yakuza Kanaga-Gumi crew showed up to hit the same joint, and started shooting. The older brother shoved Arakan and Jorge out the back, told them to run, and he’d meet them at home, but was actually shot down. The Aladso brothers didn’t look back, but swore vengance for their brother on the family. [Enemy and Big Regret]

Now, Arakan is running on his own, a second story man who specializes in magical artifacts, and breaking through multilayered magical and mundane security. He still refuses to hurt people if he has any other choice, feeling that if it gets that far, he’s already screwed up. The only exception being that one yakuza family. Them, he wants blood.

Jibril "Arakan" Aladso

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