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No school like the Old School

Rules are noted with their sources and page references.

New Qualities

Faction Affiliations

Throughout gameplay, characters will earn the ire and admiration of various factions in the Seattle Srpawl. Having a good or bad relationship with various factions in Seattle will greatly effect a character’s ability to get things done. While a long list of friends is a valuable, hard won commodity, a long list of enemies is far easier to acquire but much more difficult to survive…

Skills Cap Hits

A character’s skill can seriously effect their chances of success in tests. Even an olympian, whose meat body is that of an adonis augmented with chrome, can only manage a half-ass attempt at something that they aren’t well versed in, no matter their raw ability. To reflect this, the following rules are being used:

Hits on tests are soft capped at Skill x 2. Further hits may be achieved by trading two hits for one hit until a hard cap of Skill x 3 is reached. During extended tests, each skill check is subject to this cap though the check as a whole remains unmodified.

Example: Twitch is speeding down the 405, trying to lose some LoneStar cruisers. He is a capable enough wheelman, but not exactly a street racer. He has Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) 2 (4) and a tweaked out Reaction of 8. He wants to attempt a Break Off maneuver during the Chase Combat. The Threshold is 1 + 2 for traffic + 2 for the three cruisers following him and +2 from Maneuver checks made by the opposition for a total threshold of 7. With his skill, he can only achieve (2 × 2)4 hits from his skill, the remaining two will cost 2 hits a piece. He rolls his 4 skill dice and 8 reaction plus 3 handling for 15 dice and gets an incredible 7 hits. The first four count 1 to 1, but the last three give him only one more for a total of five effective hits. He fails his break off check. Looks like he might do with a bit more training behind the wheel.

Twenty Dice Pool Cap

No check may benefit from more than twenty dice per roll. If a character’s pool exceeds twenty dice, they roll only twenty. Dice pools greater than twenty are still desirable as the extra dice provide a buffer for penalties.

Extended Tests

Given that the duration of ILSSG runs allow for nearly infinite time for anything but day-long or greater intervals on extended checks, the following rule is loosely enforced to keep things sane and hand-wave free:

Unless otherwise noted, extended tests may only go for five (5) tests in a row before increasing in interval by one category. After five attempts, a player has spent the majority of their skill and ability on the given task and only niggling details remain, giving headaches and frustration until solved.

Serious Wounds

Serious wounds have lasting effects. When a character takes more than 7 boxes of physical damage, Glitches or Critical Glitches on either Damage Resistance Tests or Healing Tests, a significant wound is incurred. Wounds range from minor disfigurations and extreme pain to severe blood loss, limb destruction or a rapid flatline. Seek medical attention. (Augmentation pg 120.)

Git some!

Called Shots versus Armor

Per SR4A, called shots to reduce armor must take a dice penalty equal to the total armor value of the target. This can make it completely impossible to damage a heavily armored target without resorting to anti-vehicle weapons – a kind of escalation that is rarely conducive to a long life expectancy for either party involved.

The following modifications are in use:

An attacker choose negate any quantity of a target’s armor, up to the full amount. Each point of armor negated incurs a -1 dice pool penalty. If the attack hits, armor negated in this fashion is taken off the armor total before AP is considered.

ex: Proto is laying into an Knight Errant HTR team member that is crashing his team’s B&E. The KE goon is armored out the wazoo – fully 16 points of ballistic armor. Proto wasn’t messing around, and his Ares Alpha is loaded with Ex-Ex rounds. Proto decides to try and shoot for the joints or wait for a side shot through weaker armor – he drops five dice to reduce the HTR member’s armor. Laying into his target with a long burst, Proto produces a wopping 15 physical damage hit. His target must resist 15p with only 11 of his armor resisting, less a further 2 from AP. The Ares goon’s armor fails to make the hit deal Stun damage and leaves him with only 9 dice plus body to resist damage. Things are not looking good for this HTR point man.

Fake SIN checks

When a player’s fake SIN is investigated by a system, be it a hand scanner or an in depth background check being run by LoneStar, the SIN’s Rating is used as a threshold for the test. The interval of the check is determined by circumstance, ranging from a single pass by a hand scanner to hour-long scans made through Matrix investigation.

Regaining Edge

Running In the Long Shadow of Steel & Glass takes more game-time than a conventional table-top session. Action is far more fluid and continuous than at a table top, and as a result of not knowing when a ‘session’ is over, the following rules determine how a character regains Edge.

Characters regain 1 Edge per week of gameplay. In addition, a character may spend serious time and effort on R&R to regain another point of Edge. To regain this second point, a player must post IC about what their character is doing and resources must be expended.

Finally, characters can regain edge at the Game Master’s discretion for the following reasons per SR4A pg 74:

• Impressive roleplaying.
• Heroic acts of self-sacrifice.
• Achievement of important personal goals.
• Scoring a critical success (p. 65) against the odds.
• Rolling a critical glitch (p. 62)—you get a point of Edge to balance the scales.


The following equipment does not exist in the ILSSG setting:

  • Stick & Shock Ammunition
  • Emotitoys

The following equipment is SOTA as of 2069. Availability is increased by 4 and characters may not start with this equipment at character generation without GM approval.

  • Genetech
  • Nanoware

House Rules

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