Locals and Notables

The Lineup.

Our Seattle

Listed below are just a handful of the miscreates, movers, shakers, and money makers in the 2069 Sprawl. From corner girls to consiglieri, this list includes people from all walks and all depths of filth. Not all contacts are created equal, however, so don’t think that just because they are on this list they are executors of Dunkelzan’s will…

‘So-Crates’ – Bartender at Bottoms Up Gentlemen’s Club

Sling – Talkative Blood Mountain Boys go-ganger.

Detective Francis Chavez – A thirty-three year veteran of the LoneStar investigative division, Chavez is as seasoned—and jaded—as they come.

Torin Lowell – Less than distinguished businessman working less than legal businesses out of his his less than lovely Renton apartment.

Kames – Small time small arms dealer and armorer working out of the Renton docks district.

Raj Anand Singh – Sikh ork and air taxi pilot.

Jaywalker – Bloody Screamers metahuman Go-Ganger and drug runner.

MCCDXXXVII – ’Trix only, bleeding edge hacker.

Wen Liu – Triad connected Wuxing fixer.

‘Matty’ Larson – Downtown squatter and chiphead with an ear the ground.

Virgil Williams – Bartender at The Double Deuce, a western style bar in Tacoma.

Avi Fingers – Avi Fingers runs a loansharking biz and has a nasty reputation throughout the Sprawl for getting what he is owed – starting with fingers if need be.

Brigitte Valence – Young, beautiful, and connected, Ms. Valence redefines the archetype of the stuffy fixer one cocktail dress at a time.

Officer James Whitestead – Less than clean LoneStar SWAT team member.


Hiro Yamato – Yakuza kyodai running a downtown gambling parlor, Hanafuda or ‘Flowercards’, located in the Kamuro-Chou Nipponese red-light district.

Lenny Getz – Fence and arms dealer.

Dradis – Transhumanist and meta-human-rights activist turned hacker.

Frank Brownbear – Owner and operator of Prime Cuts Charcouterie on the Redmond / Snohomish border

Greasy Al – Head mechanic and owner of Greasy Al’s Bodyshop in Auburn.

Dr Stephanie Howes – Operates a free-care medical clinic in the Redmond Barrens courtesy of Ares Macrotechnology.

Ironsides – Recently retired dwarf rigger, hacker, boxer and problem solver. Generally a handful. Hacking and rigging consultant.

RenoUCAS soldier stationed in Ft. Lewis.

Sean Mac Cathain – Irish mobster assocaited with Rowena’s end of the Seattle mafia.

‘Fresh’ Willie-G – Downtown socialite and fixxer specializing in data and media.

Edgar ‘Nails’ Smorth’ – Head bouncer over at The Skeleton in the Barrens.

The Shopping Cart Lady – Alarmingly well armed, surprisingly charming, mysteriously vanishing arms dealer of the Sprawl.

Honey Hennessy – Richard ‘Honey’ Hennessy is a Downtown pimp running game near the Arcology.

Billy Green – A bartender at The Skeleton.

Sifter – South Seattle smuggler. Runs goods and people in and out of the Tir and Seattle.

French Paul – Bookie that runs numbers, ponies, sports and fights.

Kayyam – Mid-level Humanis Policlub organizer and rabble rouser.

Dixie Flatline – Streetdoc and cyberware specialist with a touch of southern charm.

00DNA – Hacker specializing in high-technology data mining.

Brokenfist – Salish-Ork member of the Rusted Stilletos, a Redmond Barrens gang.

Paulie the Cabbie – Connected Seattle cabbie with a good heart but little in the way of scruples.

Carmine ‘Roja Cruz’ Santorio – Tweaked out DocWagon door-gunner and paramed.

Mr Willis – Lawyer to the criminal underworld. Loves money.

Blaze Starr – Downtown socialite and club scene diva.

Mr Magorium – Antiquities dealer located in Snohomish specializing in arcana.

Devon Griegmann – Colorful, high-octane corporate headhunter and personel acquisitions consultant.

Kayla ‘Clover’ Bayoud – Current Knight Errant Matrix Security expert. Former LoneStar GRIDSEC spider. Part time shadowrunner. All matrix badass.

Doctor Drysdale – Eastern European street doc low on scruples that works out of his Loveland apartment, known as the ‘Chop Shop’.

Harlen Chun – Former Knight Errant technician, purveyor of arms and weapons mods to the Seattle shadows.

William S. Everson, III, Attorney at Law – One of Seattle’s less scrupulous up-and-coming lawyers making a name for himself through zealous defense cases.

Nils Lucas – Reporter for Seattle news mogul 2214 OX News. Lacks scruples at strategic moments.

Erin Avery – Comely up-and-coming Simsense Star known for morning talk show guest appearances, passing out at bars, multiple attempts at a singing career and the cult film hit, “Terminator 3 & Zombies”.

Locals and Notables

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