New Qualities

Positive Qualities

Negative Qualities

Out of Towner
Bonus: 5 BP
For whatever reason, the character has recently moved to the current setting, having left behind everything and everyone he knew. Arriving in a new city as recently as yesterday, the character barely knows enough about the local area to find a Stuffer Shack. As a result, the cost for learning or improving local or area knowledge skills relative to the current setting is twice normal.

Fresh Off the Boat
Bonus: 15 BP
Having just arrived in the current setting from lands afar, the character is like a fish out of water. They do not know the local customs, habits, or maybe even the language. The character may not begin play with any local or area knowledge relevant to the setting, nor any contacts located in the setting. Due to the distances involved, contacts from the host country make all checks with a -2 dice pool penalty. Finally, the character is subject to a -2 dice pool penalty to all Active or Knowledge skills relying on local information – from Etiquette tests with the local color to Navigation checks to keep from getting lost to Knowledge checks.

New Qualities

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