Torin Lowell

Some men have grand ideas of themselves and other men simply have no grand ideas. Lowell is somehow a bit of both. Inveterately mercenary and a born scumbag, Lowell conceives of himself as a mover and a shaker, a smooth operator in the Seattle shadows. Instead, he is inescapably (tragically?) small time. For what he lacks in clout, he is well accomplished in avarice; Lowell is plenty greedy and enterprising enough to have his dirty little fingers in several of the sprawl’s dirtiest businesses. Abutted against his inflated sense of self as an old-world gangster is the modern day reality that he is a human trafficker, dealing in people-as-chattel, live or dead, whole or in part. In addition to human commodities, Lowell is involved the fencing of nearly anything that can be bought or sold.

Skills: Con (Fast Talk) 8, Negotiation 9, Etiquette (Street) 6
Knowledge Skills: Fences 8, Human Traffickers 8, Organleggers 6, Smugglers 6, Gear Values 9, Crime Syndicates 6
Connection Rating: 4

> This fuck is total slime. If it were worth the ex-ex, I’d put one in his fat, jowelly dome.
> Dallas

> Get off your high horse. Lowell is a slave to the cred, just as you are. ‘Worth it’, indeed!
> delphina

> Say what you will about his choice of business, but where there is a demand…
> grifter

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Torin Lowell

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