Virgil is a man of indeterminate age, gruff and as blue collar as they come. He bartends at the Double Deuce in Everett and has his big, grubby mits on the pulse of the north seattle docks. While Virgil does his best to keep clean, the patrons of his bar are often some of the most desperate SINners in the Metroplex, and everybody has a little dirt on them.

Skills: Etiquette (Street) 6, Intimidation 6, Longarms (Shotguns) 4, Negotiation 5
Knowledge Skills: Alcohol 6, Sports 6, Street Rumors 6, Safe Houses 6, Gang Identification (Seattle) 6
Connection Rating: 3

> Virgil keeps out of the dirty as best as he can, but the man has ears.
> Kenning

> A buddy from my last joint tells me that Virgil did a five-stretch about a decade ago. Never did find out what for, but that means that hes ‘one of us’ in his own way.
> All Hammer

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