Diner 54

Route 99 and 54th Avenue – Tacoma – Diner

Set on 54th Avenue right off the I-5, Diner 54 is a Tacoma landmark. Constructed of several rail cars set end to end, and long side to side, Diner 54 is reminiscent of the old space-ship, stamped aluminium diners of the early to mid 20th century. Serving breakfast all day and open 24 hours a day, the diner’s clientele includes many truckers, dock and blue-collar factory workers.

>I am pretty sure that the same old lady has been working there for the past twenty years, easy. The service is good, kind, and knows how to look the other way.
> Krash

> The crowd is a mixture of all races and breeds, and they come and go with such frequency that it’s pretty hard to say just who was at the diner at any given time. Handy.
> Bright eyes

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Diner 54

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