Mr Willis

Born Gerald Thibault Willis III, young Gerry had big shoes to fill. His old-money East Coast family included a long, distinguished line of swindlers and thieves, captains of industry and politicians. Cambridge educated with a Harvard Law degree, a Rolodex of family contacts and boundless ambition saw the meteoric rise of the young lawyer during the 2040s. Serving with the prestigious Baker, Auburn & Huges firm in Seattle, a thirty year old Willis set out on his own private practice, making a name for himself as legal gun-for-hire. After a few big cases made a splash in the 2050s, his name was short-listed with any corp’s legal department able to afford his enormous fees.

Skills: Con 6, Ettiquette (Corporate) 6, Negotiation 8.
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Law 8, UCAS Law 8, Corporate Rumors 5.
Connection Rating: 5

> He keeps an opulent office in one of the atmosphere rakers downtown and rumor has it he never leaves. The man is a machine. Somehow, the work doesn’t seem to catch up with him; he looks the same as he did almost thirty years ago.
> Dasie Duke

> Mr. Willis was instrumental in setting up extra-territoriality arguments and statutes during some of the ‘formative years’ of the Seattle metroplex. You can thank him and his tribe for all sorts of little gems: how corps never pay fines for faulty products, why LoneStar can’t keep syndicate heads for more than 48 hours despite overwhelming evidence and why it took an act of the Governor to send in troops to the Pyramid. Oh yeah, this guy is a fucking charmer.
> TerraForma

> Whenever there is a big case coming in with the Star, Mr. Willis is already in motion. Everyone knows that City Hall leaks like a siv, but not many people know that Willis buys buckets by the gross. There is big money to be had defending hardened criminals for the syndicates, and Mr. Willis gets more cred for his incredible services than would seem legal (hint: it isn’t).
> Cash Breaks

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Mr Willis

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