Even state of the art science in the 21st century has not fully unlocked the mysteries of the metahuman brain. Fascinated by this very fact, Cullen Reid entered medical school after receiving a prestigious grant from Horizon. Continuing his studies, Reid specialized in neuroscience. After three decades of dedicated work, Reid retired to a research position with Horizon studying applied parallel processing and advanced matrix intelligence, trying to meld the mysteries of the human mind with the study of AIs. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony, for Cullen Reid developed a rare, post-emergence degenerative neural disorder akin to schizophrenia. Modern medicine, even the likes of Horizon’s bleeding edge medical assets, could not save his crumbling mind. Cullen Reid bounced from hospital to asylum to hospice and finally to the street, having lost his family, his fortune and most of his sanity.

> Reid goes by the name ‘Patches’ now. Everybody makes jokes about how his memory is ‘patchy’ or that ‘patches’ of his medical degree remain. Very funny. In all seriousness, though, the guy is insane. Sometimes he is all there, and when he is on, there are few hands in the world you’d rather have working on you… Then sometimes he is off… It is, well, patchy.
> Blanks

> Patches has become a true son of the old country. He forgets more and more of this world and remembers more and more of some other. But, that means he gives discounts if you have the right lilt to your speech!

> Going under the knife with this doc is like playing Russian Roulette. Some days he is all there… You take a spin and just hope that the chamber is empty.
> twitch

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