Spatter Patterns

North Downtown, undercity – Fight Club – Gang Territory, changing affiliation

One of the only establishments to hold its ground in the underground, Spatter Patterns owes its success and survival to catering to the basest of human desires. Occupying the crumbling remnants of an old parking garage well below the sunshine, Spatter Pattern’s cardboard floored fight rings have been in nearly continuous operation every night since the 2040s. Offering a flexible set of rules running from strict, meat-body only boxing to no-holds-barred augmentations allowed free-for-all’s, the fight club has managed to bend like a willow and keep with the times.

> Short on the preamble and long on the bloodsport, Spatter Patterns is the Mecca of all pit fighters. The rules are etched in stone and enforced with an iron fist. Weapons are checked at the door. Once you are inside and weaponless, it would do you well to remember that you are in a place where most people have spent years learning to dismantle the human body with only their hands… And your Predator is in a lockbox out front.
> Crunch

> Casualties are triaged by Emma-Sue, a local patch-marm that has been working 6th & Lee for over a decade now. Somewhere between a paramed and a witch, she cooks up a mean poultice and has even learned how to reset a few common cyberlimbs out of sheer necessity.
> Mercury Chrome

> Great place to find a new-comer with fantastic odds. The number one is always shifting here and there is a lot of cred to be won.
> Red Lightning

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Spatter Patterns

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